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Virtual Tours for Any Business: How it works for you

Everyone is always talking about the next best thing in online marketing. First it was Google Adwords, then it was social media marketing, Facebook ads, content marketing, and others. But the best online marketing strategy for businesses with a physical location is and has been a 360° virtual tour with Google.

Whether you have a store, gym, restaurant, salon, or car dealership, a way to look inside your business from anywhere is something that you owe to your customers. A 360° virtual tour on Google also puts you ahead of your competitors online. But what is a 360° virtual tour? How do you get it on Google? How will it help you? How can you get it? Keep reading to get all of those questions answered and more.


This is a general overview for businesses, so if your business falls into any of these categories, click yours to take you to an article more tailored for your industry:


What is a Google virtual tour?

A Google virtual tour is a digital open door that welcomes guests to walk through your business and check out all of your amazing features through their smartphone, tablet, or computer using Google Maps. As soon as someone searches for businesses in your industry on Google, the “See Inside” feature will show up on your Google My Business listing which allows them to walk right in. It’s the best way to bring potential customers inside your business short of dragging them by the shirt. It uses 360° photographs linked with software to create the illusion of being in an environment in real time. You may have used this technology before if you have used Google Street View to try to see what the front of a building looks like or looking at your own house on Google Maps. You can even move your phone screen and it acts as a scope or you move your finger or mouse to move the space all around you.

Check out this tour we did for Ms. and His Styling Center in Forest, Ohio to see how it works!

This feature is how virtual reality is making its impact in the business world. It’s not just for expensive headsets and shoot-em-up games, it’s for giving your customers value first so they’ll give you their money. But some of this isn’t necessarily important to you as a business owner. You don’t care as much about how “cool” something is more than your bottom line. So, what’s it going to do for you and your business?


Improves engagement

People like interacting with cool and new things. 360° photos are mesmerizing when you first use them and people are going to remember where they used them. It helps people recognize your brand and make an impact when they think of you and they are going to automatically trust and engage with a business that has shown them everything over another business that has chosen the angles that an online viewer will see. You’re building a relationship with your customers before they even visit you.


Creates excitement

Especially if you’re a new business, some people just never get around to checking out a new place. Making less work for potential customers with a virtual tour gets them in your business to see for themselves in real life and creates positive buzz.


Makes Google want to help you

Pulling out all the stops on your Google My Business listing (Which means using their See Inside feature), makes your restaurant more favorable in organic search ranking. You’ll edge out your competitors who haven’t taken action for a higher search position.


What else can you do with a virtual tour and 360° photos?

  • Share your tour directly on your website– By embedding the HTML, you can link the Google Maps presentation directly to your website for visitor/s to go through. It keeps traffic on your site and keeps their interest in you.
  • Share photos on Facebook– Facebook now supports 360° photo and video, so you can give your customers the best seat in the house or a place in front of a beautiful display to get them curious as they scroll down their feed.
  • Whatever you want!– You own the rights to the pictures so you can do whatever you like with them. And if they get lost or accidentally deleted, just let us know and we’ll send you more! Now we have to tackle the most important question, “How can you take advantage of this technology that boosts conversions and grabs attention?”


How to get a virtual tour

By contacting Dart-Frog. We are a Google Trusted Agency with excitement for 360 photography and we want to help you make the most out of the tools that Google has for you. We have the equipment, we have the knowledge, we have everything you need to get a great virtual tour. Click here now to get in touch and let’s get you on top!


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