Reggie Rombang

Senior Front End Developer/Team Lead

B. Tech (Science and Technology) (Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta - Indonesia)

Reggie leads our Front End Developer team in Bali.

Her breadth of experience makes her an extremely well-rounded front end developer. Since she entered the digital industry in 2007, she's held roles as a full-stack PHP developer, in-house webmaster and UI/UX developer, before settling on front end development. She is also well-versed in web accessibility and cross-browser development. Among the many feathers in her cap is that she was one of the initial developers who helped launch Sale Stock, one of Indonesia's most successful startups. When she's not working, Reggie likes to get outdoors and go hiking, mountain climbing and camping.

Quick facts about Reggie

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♌ Leo

Chinese zodiac

🐕 Dog

Inspired by

Her mum - for being strong, fierce, independent, classy, fashionable and a great chef. Also Virginia Woolf for her progressive views on equality and gender roles.

Fun fact

Reggie suffers from a moderate level of Trypophobia - a fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.