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From Gear to Ricoh: The upgrade to serve you better

When I first started getting interested in 360° photography, I didn’t want to spend $300+ on a 360° camera that I’ll use a few times and never use again. So I went on Amazon, bought a cheap year-old model, and starting messing around with it. After I had stitched together photos and made some video projects, I wanted everything to do with this technology. In the DART-FROG portfolio, you’ll find my first video project made with a Samsung Gear 360. Below, you will see some of the first pictures taken with the Gear.


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I really did have a lot of fun with it. It’s a tough model and most of the pictures didn’t turn out too bad. But there was one very important thing missing: light exposure control. For the pictures to look decent on the Samsung Gear 360, the lighting (Natural and artificial) couldn’t be too bright or too dim. That’s when I knew I needed something with more control if I was going to get professional with a 360° photography service.

That led me to the Ricoh Theta V. This camera is still classified as a point-and-shoot, but it is easier to manipulate the controls to produce great pictures (It’s even the camera that Google has on their homepage to hire a trusted pro). I did a quick photo-shoot out in a town near me and below are some of the pictures that came of that.


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If you compare the images from the different cameras, you’ll notice that the pictures from the Samsung Gear 360 have significantly more noise (fuzziness) than the ones from the Ricoh Theta V. The best part is that I did minimal manipulation with the Ricoh and it still produced some great pictures.

We’ll keep you updated with the projects we’re taking on and we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments or through e-mail!

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