A true partnership: Luminary + Cancer Council Australia

When Cancer Council Australia (CCA) decided to rebuild its website, it wanted a tech partner that could mentor and guide it, not just execute and deliver a product. It found that partner in Luminary. Here’s a video and summary of the presentation CCA and Luminary CTO Andy Thompson gave at the 2020 Kontent Horizons conference.

Tami Iseli

By Tami Iseli, 1 minute read

The new website for Cancer Council Australia (CCA) was developed under rather unusual circumstances. For a start, it was built almost entirely under lockdown, with the CCA team based in Sydney and most of the Luminary team in Melbourne. But the most defining element of the project was that CCA was very much in the driver’s seat, with Luminary playing a supporting role.

CCA’s Head of Digital, Doug Hussey, and Lead Developer Benoit Morana presented on the collaboration, along with Luminary CTO Andy Thompson, at the Kontent Horizons virtual conference in November. 

As Hussey explained “We wanted someone to work with us, not for us. We wanted to drive the project rather than just getting check-ins”. 

CCA needed an agency that could scale up or down quickly, depending on what was required at each stage of the project. It was also looking for a strategic partnership that would live beyond the initial project. 

The project was a highly collaborative agile engagement that resulted in a microservices-based platform, centered around headless CMS Kentico Kontent. And in Hussey’s own words, CCA couldn’t be happier with it.

Below is a video of the presentation from Kontent Horizons, including:

  • An explanation of the challenges that CCA faced, and why it decided to opt for a collaborative approach 
  • How Luminary worked with CCA, Kentico and SEO agency Overdose to support CCA
  • The outcomes achieved through the project
  • A Q&A with Doug Hussey, Benoit Morana and Andy Thompson on the Jamstack, static site generators, and onboarding content editors and business users with Kentico Kontent. 
Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/embed/8Gh7VYM0pK8

For more on this project, check out our Cancer Council Australia case study

Goodbye Kentico Cloud, hello Kontent!

Andy Thompson pulling a funny face

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Kentico Cloud has undergone a rebrand, and is now called Kontent. In my opinion, it was long overdue! You might have seen the marketing from Kentico about the new name and image, but here are my thoughts on the transformation from the agency side.

Andy Thompson pulling a funny face

Andy Thompson

CTO, Kontent MVP, Xperience MVP & Owner

As our CTO, Andy heads up our developer teams, platforms and technology strategy.

Cancer Council Australia

Cancer Council is the nation’s leading cancer charity, and the only Australian charity working across every aspect of every cancer.

Emmanual Tissera

Emmanuel Tissera

Technical Director, Umbraco MVP

As Technical Director, Emmanuel works closely with our clients while providing leadership and mentoring to the development team.

Thai Tran

Thai Tran

Solutions Architect/Team Lead

Thai is like the Swiss Army Knife of developers - flexible, adaptable and always dependable.

We built our new site using Kentico Cloud (and a few other microservices)

We built our new site using Kentico Cloud (and a few other microservices)

Andy Thompson pulling a funny face

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Holding Redlich

Law firm Holding Redlich was looking for a site that would convey a sense of approachability and provide easy access to the firm's substantial library of content.


legalsuper chose to use Kentico Kontent – Kentico’s headless CMS offering – as the platform for its new website.

Luminary announced as Kentico Kontent Premium Partner

Luminary announced as Kentico Kontent Premium Partner

Tami Iseli

By Tami Iseli, 1 minute read

Luminary has become the fourth agency worldwide to be afforded Kentico Kontent Premium Partner status.